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Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Wiley Everything DiSC

首創三階段式的 DISC 國際認證專業訓練課程

Empower is the official professional partner of Wiley Everything DiSC®️, a global leader in DiSC®️-based learning solutions. We are the first in Taiwan to introduce an internationally recognised three-staged DISC professional training program. With unparalleled expertise, we offer the best personal one-on-one consultation coaching and consulting experience.

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Empower Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Everything DiSC
Training Program

Everything DiSC 性格分析

Empower is a Wiley Everything DiSC Authorized Partner. We effectively help individuals or teams to see their blind spots and improve their performance with Everything DiSC®. 

Empower 是美國上市集團 Wiley 旗下 Everything DiSC® 官方合作夥伴,採用專業測評系統,為個人或團隊量身提供高度個人化的性格分析報告,能幫助個體在最短的時間內看見自己的盲點並有效提升效能。

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Personal career exploration


Our consultants can provide their professional working experiences to help you grow from the workplace and build a suitable developing career plan together with you.


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Subconscious exploration


Effectively guide the individual to perceive the inertial pattern of everything happening, from the source of the thought to making conscious adjustments. It can help individuals or partners to promote a good relationship.


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Training Courses Design


Create training courses that meet organizational goals and organizational culture for different companies, and provide professional talent training programs. Through diversified curriculum design, the positive learning atmosphere of the enterprise/organization can be improved.


Emily Su coach
Emily Su


Let 'em bring out the power.

I believe that everyone has their potential. In addition to finding their own power within themselves, it is also important to be inspired by external influences. The word empower in Chinese can be interpreted as giving people the power to do things. At that time I chose this word because, next to its literal meaning, there are also very interesting connections that “em” happens to be the nickname of my English name Emily and the spoken form of “them”.

The combination of these two words reflect my vision: share what I know to create value for others, inspire people to live better, connect with different people and experiences. Let ’em (them) bring out the power.

除了靠自己找到屬於自己的 power 之外,藉由外力的激發也很重要。
empower 這個單詞在中文裡可解讀為賦能、給人做事的權力等,而當時會選擇這個名字,除了看重它字面的意思外,還有一個很有趣的連結是 em 剛好是我英文名字 Emily 的暱稱,也是英文口語表達中的“他們
 (them) ”。

將自己擁有的資源與他人分享,為他人創造價值並激勵人們能過得更好,與不同的人和經驗連結,讓 em(them) 把 power 帶出來。 

Brand Story 品牌故事

Founded in 2020. Aiming to Create Value for Others, we believe that everyone has something unique that others may need. By sharing and being coached effectively these experiences can aid and create new insights and opportunities for others. 

Empower yourself and shine your light!

創立於2020年,秉持 為他人創造價值 的中心思想,認為每個人身上都有他人所需的資源,而走過的經驗只要透過有效分享及引導,都能為他人創造價值,持續綻放自己的光芒。

“Create Value for Others”

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