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With many years of overseas management, team leadership experience and travel experience in nearly 30 countries, I found that although everyone faces different things at different stages, the mental state behind them will be similar. Through effective sharing and guidance, the detours taken can be transformed into valuable lessons for others.

You are not alone in your growth. Let’s talk!

擁有多年海外管理及帶領團隊經驗和將近 30 個國家差旅經歷,發現每個人在不同階段所面臨的事情雖然不同,但背後的心理狀態會是類似的。




◆ NLP Master Practitioner, International Society of Neuro-Semantics
美國 ISNS 協會認可 NLP 身心語言程式學高級執行師

◆ Certified DiSC® Trainer & Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

美國上市集團 Wiley 認可 DiSC 認證培訓師 & 官方授權合作夥伴

◆ TQUK Level 3 Award in Coaching and Mentoring, Training Qualifications UK
英國 TQUK 企業教練及指導認證

◆ OH card Facilitator
德國 OH card 潛意識圖卡執行師

◆ Global Career Development Facilitator Programme

◆ Lead the team to achieve the SGS International Service Certification for years and the first SGS Qualicert 7-star Service in the world. 
連續多年帶領團隊通過 SGS 國際服務認證及全球首個 7 星級服務

◆ 9 years of leading and managing teams overseas
海外職場團隊帶領及管理經驗 9 年

◆ 9 years of personal career exploration and group training
個人職涯成長探索及團體培訓經驗 9 年

Hundreds of 1-on-1 coaching and consulting experiences
數百位 1 對 1 教練 / 顧問輔導經驗

◆ Travel and work trips to near 30 countries
海外旅行及工作經驗國家將近 30 個 

Emily Su


✦ Building from 0 to 1. Team leader and creator

• Lead a Training and Monitoring team of 20+ people. Successfully trained 600+ people in the Guest Services department.• Participated in the development and planning of Macau’s local tourism market with a listed company.
• Boosted the rapid expansion of a startup, including a newly set up membership system.
• 由 0-1 建立及帶領培訓及評核團隊 20+人,培訓對象為部門 600+ 人
• 參與上市公司開發澳門旅遊市場及策劃
• 協助澳門旅遊公司在短時間拓展超過萬名會員;籌劃及推動新會員系統

✦ International work exchange & collaboration

• Training abroad and in cooperation with five-star hotels overseas.
• Guide the recruitment process as a department interviewer to select talents from 7 different countries.
• Travel and work trips to nearly 30 countries. 
• 跨國培訓及多國五星酒店合作
• 部門面試官,累積面試數百人,環球招募 7 國人才
• 海外旅遊及工作的國家將近 30 個

✦ Organizational structure & process establishment
組織架構制度 & 流程設立

• Establish a clear organization structure in any new team.
• Establish a departmental training framework and create a work manual.
• SOP management and optimization.
• Establish an employee performance appraisal workflow.
• 新團隊組織架構建立
• 建立部門培訓框架及工作手冊
• SOP 管理及優化
• 員工績效考核標準

✦ SGS International Service Certification

• Lead the team to achieve the SGS International Service Certification for 6 consecutive years. (10 certifications total)
• Lead the team to achieve the first SGS Qualicert 7-star Service Certification in the world.
• 帶領團隊連續 6 年通過 SGS 國際服務認證 (10個場館) 

• 帶領團隊通過全球首個SGS 
Qualicert 7星級服務認證 

✦ Data driven mindset

• In charge of multinational customer consumption analysis projects involving amounts up to 9 digits.
• Set realistic goals proven by data analysis.
• Speak with numbers, identify problems and optimize solutions based on the data.

• 負責跨國客戶消費分析,項目金額達 9 位數
• 推動組織數據化目標
• 用數字說話,從趨勢中找出問題及優化方案

✦ High-end luxury travel planning

• Project planning involving amounts up to 8 digits.
• 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia travel planning.
• 2020 UEFA EURO 2020 travel planning.

• 策劃項目金額達 8 位數
• 2018年俄羅斯世界盃旅遊規劃
• 2020年英國歐冠盃旅遊規劃

✦ VIP services quality management

• Establish high service standards and a clear evaluation system.
• 建立服務標準及評核制度

✦ Design talent training programs

•  Create and implement training courses that help develop a healthy learning culture
• 培訓課程設計及執行

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I believe that a great coach is one who can bring out the best of others.

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